Revolutionary Cure
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Linear Shockwave Therapy (LSWT)

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Why live with
Erectile Dysfunction?

The Revolutionary Cure is Here

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The Revolutionary Cure is Here

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  • About Andro Cure

    Andro Cure is a stand-alone andrology centre that offers the new revolutionary linear shock wave therapy for the cure of erectile dysfunction. It has been promoted by thorough bred professionals who aim to improve the...

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    Why us?

  • The equipment has state of the art, touch screen control system, for managing all treatment parameters being operated by well-trained staff.

    Andro Cure offers this treatment in collaboration with your own doctor and hence you are able to maintain and continue your existing treatment..

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  • It is a novel modality that significantly improves erectile function and penile hemodynamics without any side effects (Gruenwald et al)...

    It has benefitted 3 out of 4 patients...
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    This self-assessment questionnaire determines whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction and to what degree.