References / Scientific Data

Out of 57 patients, 47 (82%) had a successful treatment. No adverse events were reported during the treatment and the follow-up duration. (Y. Reisman: Efficacy and Safety of Linear Focused Shockwaves for Erectile Dysfunction)

3 out of 4 patients with vasculogenic ED will benefit from the treatment. (The Ed clinic, Swindon:

It has positive clinical and physiological effect on erectile function of men who respond to PDE5 inhibitor. (Yardi et al: J Urol 2012)

The treatment is beneficial even to patients who have not responded to PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis, etc. (Hongen et al: World J Mens Health 2013 December 31(3): 208-214)

It is a novel modality that significantly improves erectile function and penile hemodynamics without any side effects (Gruenwald et al: J Sexual Med 2012; Ther Adv Urol. 2013)

A new application of the shock-wave generating devices is effective in curing impotence. (DR Natalio Cruz:

It is tolerable and effective. It suggests a physiologic impact on cavernosal hemodynamics. Its main advantages are the potential to improve erectile function and to contribute to penile rehabilitation without pharmacotherapy. (Yoram Vardi et al: EUR UROL 2010)

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