Our Motto

We aim to improve the quality of life of men and even more so of the couples. Let the man re-discover the golden old days and make merry. We wish to reverse the wheels of ageing and bring new vigour into the lives of our patients.

Features of this Revolutionary Cure (LSWT)

    Benefits Of This Treatment

    • Complete cure
    • Low dependence on PDE5 inhibitors
    • Improved quality of erection
    • Make healthy more healthier

Why Andro Cure?

  • The equipment has state of the art, touch screen control system, for managing all treatment parameters being operated by well-trained staff. Andro Cure offers this treatment in collaboration with your own doctor and hence you are able to maintain and continue your existing treatment. If desired, we can also arrange for you to be treated by our own empanelled doctors.

  • Take a Erectile Dysunction Self-assessment Questionnaire

    This self-assessment questionnaire will help you determine if you suffer from erectile dysfunction